Font of the Month: Zero

This month’s font is a great Sci-Fi inspired typeface that is both geometric and elegant. Zero is a font designed by Sergio Vento and has two variations. One with double lines and the other with [...]

Font of the Week: Modeka

Information The name comes from the word “modern,” which describes this typeface perfectly. The designer, Gatis Vilaks, created this typeface in hopes to create “something elegant, modern and [...]

Font of the Week: Lust

Information I stumbled across this font when over looking a colleagues proof of a brochure he created. My eyes were immediately drawn to the beautiful serifs that seemed to fade into nothing. I [...]

Font of the Week: Lobster

Information Lobster is a nice script font centered around the problem that most script fonts have trouble with; connecting letters. Most script fonts sacrifice the uniqueness of each letterform [...]

Font of the Week: Bodoni

History Download Wanting something that will bring your design an elegant and sophisticated look? Bodoni will be a great place to start! Click here for the download link. Although many computers [...]

Font of the Week: SUNN

History Although this font doesn’t have a historical background, it still is an interesting typeface that is strong, yet elegant.This great font was created by Gatis Vilaks, and Krišjānis [...]

Career Fair!

  This past Thursday (3/19/15) I had a reverse career fair where potential employers came by and we showed off our talents by decorating a table with our brand and best work. The fair went [...]

Plans for this Site

The purpose of this site will evolve over time depending on what it is that I want to do, but as of right now it has a simple purpose. I started this site as a small online portfolio so I can [...]

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